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A 20 lb pack of great beef for your family. Plus recipes to make the meals easy to prepare. Plus it comes to you each month.


A great way to eat well and keep to a budget. Still the same health value as the more expensive cuts.


A great selection of my ready to cook beef goodies. Just heat and eat. Great for those busy days when you still want to eat well.


A great assortment of my best steaks. Free shipping, and delivered once a month.


A 10 lb pack of great beef for your home. Plus recipes to make the meals easy to prepare. Plus it comes to you each month.


CSA is Community Supported Agriculture

You can support our local, all-natural way of ranching that has gone on for three generations. Your patronage helps us continue. Most small farms do things differently and don't have the economies of scale to compete with the big players. That's why we partner with the small consumers in CSAs.
How it Works
Our commitment to raise beef the way you want, is backed by your regular purchases of our beef. So just select one of our four CSA packs and purchase your first pack online. It will be delivered free during our monthly delivery cycle near first of the month. Later we will contact you to set up recurring payments. You are under no obligation after your purchase, but we feel you love the product and the convenience. We would love it if you could commit to 6 or 12 months of regular deliveries.
What's in the Box
It is a kitchen freezer size package of beef. We have five different packs for you to choose from. Recipes accompany the pack making it convenient for meals.
Delivery Specifics
We will notify you via email that the delivery will be coming. Sorry we don't offer alternate days. The boxes will be dropped off at your address even if you are not home. They are delivered in insulated packs with dry ice. Be sure to have someone you know pick up the package if you are not home. We are not liable for spoilage, but we really don't want that to happen.


Mark explains the basics of our CSA program


Why Missouri Legacy Beef is good for you and tastes great.